Spotlight – Aaron Boudreaux, Bailey Middle School

Mr. Boudreaux – Spring ISD

I feel so honored to even be considered. My time in education has not been for awards, because the reward is getting to work with these children on a daily basis. I grew up in south Houston, relocating to Spring just for work; I am so grateful for the knowledge and wisdom I received in school as well as in surrounding communities. I feel it is now my responsibility to give back and continue in the footsteps of those that blazed before me. I followed both my mother and father into this field as educators and I enjoy every moment that comes with impacting a young person’s life.

My time at Bailey Middle School has been amazing. I am so thankful for the years spent molding lives and being able to see those young adults go on to be successful in High School. Although the process is long and sometimes difficult, it’s those trials we are able to overcome which give us our greatest sense of achievement. My time spent as the department chair on campus allowed me to step into a leadership role and work with other teachers to sharpen their craft. Our time was cut short due to the pandemic, but the ability to provide the virtual assistance when needed gave me the opportunity to work on how I am able to adjust to multiple moving pieces and produce desirable outcomes.

With the creation of Mentoring Mighty Minds, a local non-profit organization designed to work with young African American males during the adolescence stage of life, Aaron partners with community leaders throughout the city of Houston. Mentoring Mighty Minds provides opportunities for instructional, emotional, physical, and mental growth to a population of young men often forgotten about or not addressed until there is an issue with one of the above-mentioned factors. Aaron uses his platform in the classroom to build healthy relationships with students and their families. Having a supportive figure in the classroom goes a long way in teaching a child how to learn to love to learn! For the past 13 years, Aaron has decided to shine a light on situations that plague our community and will continue to uplift those that are in the greatest need for a positive source of influence.