Spotlight: Ashley Henderson, Edward “E. F.” Green Junior

Ms. Henderson – Goose Creek CISD

I live by the quote that “education is not preparation for life…. but education is life itself.” This quote means so much to me because it’s something that I truly live and breathe. I’m entering my 5th year of teaching 6th grade ELA where we hold it down. I value the importance of teaching my students how to be rich; not rich when it comes to monetary value but rich in culture and education. I value building genuine relationships with my students and I make tis my number one priority of a daily basis. I helped put on E. F. Green’s 1st annual Black History Show. I held auditions, after school rehearsals, and put on 3 separate shows. I’ve held a writing workshop that was called “The Writing University” for my students. They had the chance to learn the writing process while pretending to attend a real university. They decorated their dorms (desk), and they even had a graduation ceremony afterwards where they were able to take a picture with a gown and tassel. I’ve also put on a ER themed workshop where students dressed as surgeons in order to fix some broken ECR’s and SCR’s in preparation for STAAR. I even made several raps for my students to encourage them throughout the year; in which they enjoy so much. One of the raps being called Super STAARS. I’ve dedicated my life to being the best educator that I can be and I hope it shows through the love I give in this field.